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 Ozark Kitchens & Baths
Your bathroom has so many important roles in your day-to-day life. Your getting-ready headquarters, your washing up room, and even your relaxing sanctuary at times. It’s important that this space is functional and luxurious! Here at Ozark Kitchens and Baths, we center every bathroom remodel around just those things.
Bathroom Remodeling

Bath Remodeling & Cabinetry


Best Bathroom Remodeling Around

When we remodel a bathroom, we focus on you. We’ll consider all the ways you use your bathroom and make sure the new plan is as functional as possible. Need some space to spread out? Want a walk-in shower? Need his and hers sinks? No problem! By the time we’re done with it, you won’t even recognize your bathroom anymore. 


Relaxing is hard to do when your bathroom is not working for you. When things are cramped, when there isn’t enough storage, when the bathing area is awkward… All these types of issues make it hard to kick back and unwind. 


Collaborate with our renovation professionals to dream up a space that is just right for you! From getting ready for your day, all the way to winding down before bed, we can plan the perfect bathroom for every moment of your day – and we won’t stop until we have it right! 


Once you approve the design for your new bathroom, you can rest easy knowing that the project is in capable hands. We’ll do all the hard work, and before you know it you’ll have a renovated space!


Bathroom Cabinetry Services

Imagine if your bathroom had all the storage you could ever need… Wouldn’t that be nice? Picture yourself with a bathroom that never gets messy because every item has a home! Having enough cabinets and drawer space in your bathroom is so important.


At Ozark Kitchens & Bath, we know how much bathroom cabinetry can make or break your space. If you’re constantly wishing you had more places to put things, additional cabinetry could be a game-changer! We can design a plan with enough space for everything and more.


We’ll work with you to plot out exactly what you need in your bathroom space. We can even teach you about different cabinet styles and help you choose the one that will best suit your taste. Once you approve our design, we can get to work on your new cabinets! Pretty soon, you’ll have more space than you ever imagined.


If you’re looking to simply update your bathroom cabinets, we can do that, too! Giving your bathroom cabinets a facelift is such a great way to make your space feel more up-to-date without doing a complete remodel. We can choose a more modern style and add some sleek hardware to change the whole look of your current bathroom.


Whether you’re looking to remodel your entire bathroom, gut and replace all your cabinets, or just give your cabinetry an update, Ozark Kitchens & Bath is the team for you! Ready for a quote? Let’s get started!

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