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Kitchen makeovers

How long does a kitchen remodel usually take?

We made a video about this! Check it out here

On average, a complete kitchen remodel takes 4-6 weeks to complete. This timeframe does not include the design work or product selection process. Your kitchen is placed into production once you approve the design and choice of products.

Since your kitchen cabinets are built to order, it usually takes about 4-5 weeks minimum to get everything built. It is our general policy to never start a kitchen project until we have the cabinets in hand. There are exceptions, but those tend to be larger remodels where we know there are several weeks of work required before the site is ready for cabinetry.

When the cabinets arrive we contact you to set up a start date. Before the crew arrives, have all the old cabinets empty of contents so they can get right to work. Don’t worry about moving the appliances, we can help with that. The next step is to start the demolition!

Week 1:

This first week is fast and fun, as all the old cabinets and countertops are hauled away and construction begins. If you have plans to save or repurpose the old cabinets let us know before we start demo. Sometimes this isn’t an option if the cabinets were built in place or are beyond the point of saving. Once all the cabinetry is moved out, this will be the time when any structural alterations or repairs will be done. Removing walls, enlarging openings or repairing floor damage, will also take place during this time.

Week 2:

The second week will see plumbing, electric work and drywall repairs if needed. If your project doesn’t require mechanicals, you might have cabinetry installed by this point. The goal is to have the new cabinetry installed as soon as possible so that your countertops can be measured and templated.

Once the cabinets are in place, the stone fabricator sends out a template technician to create an exact template of your kitchen cabinets. Using a laser measuring device the technician will create an exact template of your kitchen. That template will then be uploaded into the company’s computer software program to recreate an exact layout of your kitchen onto the stone slab you selected.

Next the fabricator will begin cutting out your countertops from a large slab to the exact template they made of your kitchen. The edge profile you selected is also placed on the exposed edges and the tops are polished and cleaned ready for install. One of the highlights of a kitchen remodel is to see the tops installed. This is always a fun thing to watch as these beautiful large slabs of stone are maneuvered into place. The installers will mount your sink on site and seam any pieces of tops that need to joined.

From the time countertops are measured or templated, there is typically a 10-14 day turn around period before installation of the tops.


While we are waiting for the new countertops to be fabricated, there are a few things that can be done if the schedule allows. If there is new flooring to be installed, we try to schedule it for this week while there is not much else going on. There might be a few days of no activity during this week. If thats the case, don’t worry! We haven’t forgotten about you but there may not much to do during this time.

Week 4:

Countertops have been installed so now its time for a tile backsplash if you have selected one. Much of the finish work is done this week, including connecting the sink plumbing, cabinetry finish trim, maybe even appliances! Painting is usually one of the last items to be completed.

Week 5 – 6:

By now, your kitchen should be close to completion. This week might be the week of painting and checking off all the small items that need finishing up.

Congratulations! You have survived a kitchen remodel. Hopefully the process will be be just a memory as you make even better memories with friends and family in your new and beautiful kitchen!