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Bathroom Remodeling NW Arkansas

Bathroom Design Trends in 2022

Although bathrooms are not as glamorous as other spaces, they are most definitely rooms that everyone uses, which is why their design is just as important as your home’s living room or kitchen. Whether you are renting a small apartment or own your own home, chances are you’ve thought about upgrading your bathroom to fit your aesthetic. Bathrooms are made for hygiene, but they can also show off your style and personality. Thankfully, sometimes updating a home can be as simple as paying attention to the latest design trends. 


Are you looking for the latest bathroom design trends? Keep reading to learn some of the trendiest new styles ready to take the bathroom by storm.


One highly popular bathroom design trend is minimalism. When thinking about minimalism, try going for furniture that seamlessly blends in with the rest of the space. Wood, white, and black are colors that are often seen in minimalist and luxurious designs.

Plenty of Plants

Biophilia is another increasingly popular bathroom interior design trend. Biophilic design is centered around our human connection with nature and brings the outdoors inside with lots of greenery. By using this approach and using a range of natural elements, such as pampas grass and houseplants, to style the bathroom, you can create a calming spa-like space. Including plants in your design not only provides a focal point to punctuate a space, but it also helps to improve air quality within the home.

Updated Sinks & Touchless Faucets

According to the Houzz Bath Trends Study, the most popular upgrade for the bathroom is faucets. With all of the chaos lately, there has been an increased focus on the importance of washing your hands. Naturally, as we think more about hand-washing, we start to think more about our hand-washing and hygiene places. A touchless faucet is an excellent bathroom addition to make your space more hygienic.

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Integrated Technology

Most homeowners have chosen to incorporate technology into their lives and homes, whether it’s our phones, streaming devices for our televisions, or wireless remotes for the garage. One increasingly popular trend is incorporating technology in your bathroom. Smart toilets, smart showers, and touchless faucets are expected to become more popular than ever before. According to the NKBA’s 2022 bath technology trends, digital, wall-mounted interfaces, tech-savvy controls for showers, mobile apps, and heated flooring were among the top trends.

Wet Room

Wet rooms are a very unique way to shake up your bathroom and it is becoming more and more popular. If you are wondering what a wet room is, it is basically an open-concept bathroom that includes an unenclosed, tile bathing area with a large drain in the center of the space. With a wet room the shell of the bathroom is designed to withstand moisture on a regular basis. This can also help to maximize floor space and create an easily maintained bathroom.

Black Accents

Including black accents in your design will help to give your bathroom a sleek and sophisticated feel, without overwhelming the space with too many dark hues. Most homeowners opt to contrast the black accents, such as light fixtures and faucets, with raw materials and neutral colors for a bold look.

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