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A Guide to a Farmhouse Kitchen Style

What is a Farmhouse Style Kitchen? 

The farmhouse kitchen style draws inspiration from the traditions of old-fashioned rural America – think of Midwestern homes in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This style also draws inspiration from German and Scandinavian farmhouses, the French countryside, and the Amish style of living.


Typical farmhouse decorations often contain unfinished or natural materials and an array of antique vintage pieces. Unfinished materials help to give the space a more natural and rustic feel. This is a simple style that focuses on light colors, clean lines, and avoiding clutter.

4 Great Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

  1. Raw Wood Kitchen Cabinets: These types of cabinets are perfect if you are searching for the unfinished look of raw wood cabinets. These cabinets do not distract you with fancy colors or finishes, but rather allow you to admire the natural beauty of the wood.


  1. Victorian Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets: This option allows you to create a more traditional farmhouse style, giving a very rustic feel with their dark finish.


  1. Off-White Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets: This cabinet option is great if you are wanting a unique look for your kitchen, giving the perfect hint of vintage farmhouse style without being overly shabby or rustic. These cabinets are also easy to pair with almost any color.


  1. Classic Farmhouse Cabinets: If you are searching for the perfect mix between farmhouse style with a modern twist, then the classic farmhouse cabinets might be the right pick for you. These cabinets are made from wood, finished in a distressed black color, and feature simple lines and soft edges.

Other Essential Features of a Farmhouse Style Kitchen:


  • Open Shelving: Doorless cabinets and open shelving are very common in classic farmhouse kitchens. 


  • A Signature Neutral Palette: The muted color palette of the farmhouse style with pops of color helps to create a timeless look. 


  • An Eclectic Mix: Creating a mix of eclectic, unlikely pieces (think a mid-century modern piece next to a Victorian lamp) can help make the space seem as if it has been cultivated over the years. 


  • Freestanding Cabinetry: Often in farmhouse kitchens, you can find freestanding cabinetry, such as hutches and pie safes. 


  • Classic Countertops: One of the most traditional choices for this style of kitchen are soapstone counters. These countertops are non-reactive to acidic foods, heatproof, and impervious to stains. 


  • Apron-front Sink: This type of sink features durable construction, broad face, and deep bowl and is an essential part of every farmhouse kitchen. 


  • Large Dining Table: Having a large dining room table serves as not only a place to eat but also as a place to prepare food in most traditional farmhouse kitchens. 


  • Vintage Accents: Old fashioned pictures, copper lights, and reclaimed wood furnishings all add a nostalgic touch to the space. 


  • Fireplace: In the olden days, farmhouse kitchens were equipped with a fireplace that often served as the central gathering spot in a home.

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